Zephyr. The Movie.

26 12 2008

Ladies and gents, generic viagra health I bring you a short film by moi. It features:

  • Some shaky footage shot by me from a moving train (The California Zephyr) on a Sanyo Xacti
  • Some awesome Moby music, sovaldi used with kind permission from
  • My crappy voice, recorded in a bathroom and featuring a lot of background hum and occasional water pipe noise
  • An excerpt from “A Ramblin’ Mixtape - Side B“, which is a story about the trip.
  • TIP: If you have a slow computer, let the vid load before playing. Still probs? Roll over the vid and turn off HD.

    Zephyr from Noodle on Vimeo.



    5 responses to “Zephyr. The Movie.”

    29 12 2008
    mike (02:21:20) :


    Loved the scenery. Loved the pace. Loved the words and the images they invoked. Poetry in motion.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together and share it with us.

    30 12 2008
    Noodle (10:52:09) :

    Thanks, Mike. It makes me want to get back on a train actually. I can’t imagine what it must be like going through some of that high country in winter.

    9 01 2009
    Tom (02:25:33) :

    “Romance of the Rails.”

    “Life Pants.”


    14 06 2010
    Sierracanon (23:56:24) :

    I enjoyed that quite a lot. I’ve done some of that trip, from Sacramento to Denver, and it’s such a great ride. Thanks for sharing it!

    19 10 2010
    swtkaroline (09:47:14) :

    it’s lovely to see the US from another perspective–so easy to take for granted what’s right there in my backyard, and yet long to go to exotic places like…Australia! ;)


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