Nor the years condemn

22 07 2004

In the pantry of my brain, buy cialis mind Motivation is on the very top shelf. Waaay up the back, buy viagra decease right behind the dusty canisters of Go-gettedness and Rememberability. Now, while we’re cruising around the Noodle larder of behaviors, just bend your eye to the labels on the lower shelves. Check out the first things I encounter when trying to navigate through my day.

Ah, here we can see a pungent batch of Procrastination…one of those fancy re-generating jars that never needs refilling. And look there, it’s the mystical ‘Fall-down-at-the-drop-of-a-hat’ canopic jar! To its right, the ‘Vacant Looks’ urn. Supersized of course. The ‘Out-of-the-blue-weird-thoughts’ jar snuggles closely to the ‘Can’t-manage-to-keep-in-touch-with-friends’ tub. Yes, all these things come to hand quite easily when the brain reaches for my daily life ingredients.

So, the following story may come as some surprise.

In July—brace yourself—in July my brain got out the stepladder, reached a sweaty neuron way up high and back and a little to the left, grabbed the Motivation jar and blew dust off its puny, unused body. I flipped the lid and reactions were instantaneous. Motivation swiveled its shifty eyes and made a dash for my psyche, causing me to dash. Literally.

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