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10 09 2002

Graham approaches me. He’s the new boss. He’s not approached me in the few short weeks he’s been here. It’s a Friday morning. It’s Friday morning and the non-approaching new boss has approached me. He’s approached me at my desk. He looks troubled. A man struggling. He says, buy viagra help “Can I see you for a minute?”

Some of you may recognise this dance. You know what comes next. I look sheepishly at my closest proximity workmate.

I know it too. It has come, best viagra medical the revolution. Wall, cialis sale I’d like you to meet Janeen’s back.

I am first. Fifteen minutes later, Loy joins me. Then comes Scott. We shake hands. By the end of the day, ten people are with me. We few, we happy few, we band of…no-pay-chequers.

There are five distinct phases of retrenchment aftermath. Depending on the person, they occur in any order they damn well please. Sometimes it seems like there are more than five, but really, it’s just the same phases repeating themselves ad nauseam.

The stages, in no particular order, are:
Pure Fury
Pure Depression
Pure Joy
Pure Panic Read the rest of this entry »

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